In the record metadata is a duration field that has three times displayed. These times can give you an indicator of how much time has been spent creating and editing that particular record. The timer runs when the record is opened in an editor (in edit mode on the web app) within Fulcrum.

First Creation

This is the time spent creating the record. The timer starts as soon as the create record button is pressed and stopped when the record is saved.

Most Recent Update

This is the time spend editing the record in the latest update. The timer starts as soon as the user opens the record in the editor (in edit mode on the web app) and then stops when they save the record.

Total Time

This is the total time that has been spent creating the record and then every edit that has been made to the record. If the total time is higher than the sum of the first creation and most recent update, then there is likely more than one edit made to that record.


  • If a record's edit is not saved, the time spent making the edits are not saved to the record.
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