Fulcrum is a multilingual application and can be used in any language supported in the UTF-8 character set. When building new apps, you can use any language for field labels, descriptions, and things forward-facing to your mobile staff. Once your apps are deployed, you can also work in the mobile app using any UTF-supported character keyboard. All of the export formats, when processed, encode your data as UTF-8 text.


We currently only offer support in English.


The Fulcrum web interface currently is in English only.

Mobile App

The mobile applications (iOS & Android) vary in the number of languages offered and completion levels. To see which languages we currently offer and the percent of strings translated, you can visit our Transifex site.

If your language of choice is not at 100% and you would like to contribute to our translation of that language, you can press the blue, "Help Translate Fulcrum" button. Help translating strings is always appreciated.

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