There are times where the default camera app installed on your device might not play well with Fulcrum. Usually, this is because a device manufacturer has modified the default camera app to add functionality, which can inadvertently cause the camera to behave differently when used by other applications (like Fulcrum). 

When this happens, you can use the guide below for changing the default camera app used to a third party app that you have downloaded from the Play store.

  • You will want to make sure that you have more than one camera app installed on your device before proceeding.

Removing The Default Camera App Settings

Step 1

Go to the setting page and select Apps from the list.

Step 2

Next, swipe over to the "all" tab at the top of the screen. Locate the camera app that is being used as the default camera app and tap on it. This will take you to the options for that app.

Step 3

Scrolling down you will see a Launch By Default section and the option to clear defaults. Tapping this button will make it so the app is no longer the default camera app used in Fulcrum. Once tapped the button will not be tappable, like the image below.

In Fulcrum

Now the next time you select to take a photo in Fulcrum you will be asked what camera app you would like to use. Either the native app or third party apps that you have installed.

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