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How can I change the sync settings on mobile?
How can I change the sync settings on mobile?
Instructions on changing the synchronization settings from iOS or Android.
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Data Sync Options

There are two data sync options. Auto-Sync after launch and Auto-Sync after edit.

Auto-Sync after launch

Auto-sync after launch will run an sync that will download and upload edited/new records between the mobile app and the server. This sync will also download any updates to apps, layers, etc. This sync is triggered when the mobile app is first opened. You will sometimes see the sync run if the app is opened but has been in the background for a period of time. When a mobile app is in the background for a period or time or if the device needs the memory being used by a mobile app that is running in the background, the operating system can kill the app's process. When you go back into Fulcrum after this has been done the auto-sync after launch will be triggered.

Auto-Sync after edit

Auto-Sync after edit will attempt to run the sync after a edit has been saved to a record or a new record has been created and saved. The important thing to note is that this is not a full sync like the manual sync and the auto-sync after launch. The only thing this sync will do is sync edited or new records from the mobile app to the server. The sync will not download updated or new records from the server to the mobile app or any updates to the apps, layers, etc. This is to create the shortest sync time possible since the mobile apps cannot be used to collect or edit records while the sync is running.

Media Sync Options

Fulcrum for both iOS and Android allows you to adjust the sync settings from the mobile application, to control whether to upload media files from cellular or Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi only, or wait until manually syncing.

If you limit when media attachments like photos and videos are uploaded, Fulcrum will only sync the data when syncing, and wait until later to push the attachments. 

This helps reduce the time for pushing your data to the cloud if you’re bandwidth-limited.

Here’s how to change the sync settings from the iOS app:

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