When your project has collected enough data and you may want to share data, there are several options available. Only Owners and Managers will be able to adjust the settings below.  

Turn on Data Shares

Each app that you want to share data from needs to have Data Shares turned on. 

You will need to go into the app's dashboard page you want to share data from and then go to the Data Share tab and select Enable Data Share.

Pressing Enable Data Share button will produce a linked file that can be shared with others or embed on websites. 

Shares will generate and display a URL for a data feed using the file format of your choosing. The URLs generated are still private to you, and will only be available to those with the link. Read more about data shares.

You can tell that an app has data shares enabled by looking for the "shared" icon to the right of the app name on the homepage.

Data is Anonymized

When using Fulcrum Community in a crowdsourcing capacity, it is important to protect the privacy of your data collectors in the field. This is why we automatically provide all Data Anonymized.  Downloading data from the public landing page, data is void of email address and the name of the data collector. 

Examples of how Data Shares can be used can be found on this help doc

Warning: The anonymize feature does not apply to exporting your records using the export wizard. 

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