Important: If you are already a Fulcrum user, your Fulcrum Community plan will be a separate Fulcrum plan to your existing paid plan. To switch to your Fulcrum community plan, you need to select the correct plan by selecting the menu in the top right of your window. Make sure you are on the correct plan before making any changes. 

Build or Select an App

Once you have selected the correct Community Plan, you will see one or more apps that have been added to your plan. These are recommended apps based on your event type or project.  You are welcome to build your own based on your own needs. And delete the provided app if it doesn't meet your needs. 


The more you test your app before deploying it, the better your data will be at the end of your event/project. Ultimately, you want good data collected, so good decisions can be made from the data. Build or select an app template, then deploy it to a select number of people before sharing your app because somethings cannot be changed once data has been collected. 

To build your own app, you will want to press the green + New App button in the top right corner. Before building your own, check our templates to see if we have an app you can use or build off of first (located on the top bar).

Start Your Community Landing Page

Once you have selected the correct Community Organization and have an app or two in your account, you will need to go into your Settings Menu > Community Tab. Then press the Create Community button.

You will be creating a public signup page for your event/project for users to gain access to your collection project. All fields filled out on this page will be publicly visible on a website with a URL that you can share socially. 

Community Name: What do you want to call you project/event?

Short Description: This is a short description for social media sharing. People will read this on whatever social network your URL gets shared on.

Tell your Story: Once someone comes to your signup page, they will want to know what you are trying to collect and why they should help. Explain how the data collected will be used.

Photo: You will need a photo for your community. 

Add Apps to your Community: Select the different apps you want to include in your community plan. These apps will be made available to your data collectors on their smartphones and tablets. 

Member Approval Required: The check box for Member Approval Required will allow you as the manager to approve who has access to your plan. 

When you receive a request, they will show up in the Settings > Members Tab.

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