Fulcrum’s web app has a record editor that allows you to see and create record data within an app.

Accessing the Record Editor

Through an app’s dashboard view, you can access the data view page by selecting View Data. You can also get to the data view page by clicking one of the View Data buttons next to your apps from the homepage. Once you are on the data view page the data is displayed in the map view by default. If the view is changed you can always get back to the map view by clicking on the map icon from the data view selector.

Viewing Collected Data

There are three different views in the record editor, the map view, the table view, and the hybrid/split view. Within the record editor, you can search, sort, and filter the data so that you can see only the records that are relevant to you. You can also hide and display select columns in the data table to better see the data that you are interested in. Data can also be downloaded directly from the record editor using the download data button in the upper right corner of the record editor.

Entering New Records

In the upper right corner of the record editor, there is a green circle with a plus in the middle. This button is the create record button and will allow you to create a new record within the current app that you are viewing the data for.

Editing Existing Records

Existing records can be edited by opening and view the record. Once the record is opened, you can click the edit button in the upper right corner. You can also open the record directly in edit mode by selected edit from the record options drop-down menu on the left side of the data table in the table or hybrid views.

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