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Record list view is an alternate view to the standard map view. At the top of the list view, you can set whether or not the list view is bound to the map view. If bound to the map view, only records that are visible on the map will be visible on the list view. You can also use the iOS records search and iOS record filter features to locate existing records.

Record List View

By tapping a record from this list, you can view, modify, or edit existing records. The records list also shows you how many records are displayed on your device and how many records, total, have been collected.

Upload Status

On the right side of the record list view, you can see the upload status of the record. There are five states that a record can be in.

  • Successfully Synced: The record has been synced successfully or there have been no changes made to the record since it was downloaded to the mobile device.
  • Saved as a Draft: The record has been saved as a draft. Records saved as a draft will be stored locally on the device until all required fields have appropriate values.
  • Not Been Synced: The record has not been synced to the server.
  • Failed to Sync: An error occurred during the sync process and failed to upload. You should be presented with an error message as to why the record(s) failed to sync. The most common reason a record fails is due to poor connectivity. If you continue to have problems syncing be sure visit our support forums or email support at
  • Attachments Are Not Synced: If you have changed the attachment sync settings in the app settings any records that currently do not have attachments synced will show this icon. The attachments will sync the next time a sync is performed where the sync settings have been met. Note: This icon may appear if syncing over a poor/intermittent network.

Record Options

By swiping a record to the left will reveal additional options.

Record List View Options

Deleting a record will permanently delete any records that have not been synced. If a record has been synced, only the local record cache of the record will be removed from the device and will be downloaded again during the next sync.

Under more

  • Duplicate.. - Duplicate a record can assist in quicker data capture when most of the new records being created have the same data as a previously captured record.
  • Show on Map - Shows where the record is located on the map view.
  • Generate Report - Create a PDF report of the record.
  • Driving Directions - Get driving directions to a record’s location. Note: uses the device’s default navigation app.

More Record List View Options

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