The Address field allows you to capture a full street address, without having to have separate fields inserted for each element of an address. It also has an option to auto-fill addresses based on the location from the Android or iOS app. The user can tap on the address field and make adjustments to the address.

When exported, the address field data results in several data columns, separated for convenience and flexibility:

  • address_sub_thoroughfare - Address number
  • address_thoroughfare - Street name
  • address_locality - City
  • address_sub_admin_area - County
  • address_admin_area - State / province
  • address_postal_code - Postal or zip code
  • address_country
  • address_suite - Unit / suite number
  • address_full - All fields together in a single property (good for reporting)

For the auto-population functionality, Fulcrum leverages the device's reverse geocoder to auto-populate the address field. There are times where the location of the record will result in the device's reverse gocoder not being able to return an exact address and may provide a partial address, an address that it believes is associated with the location, or a range of addresses (address numbers) that could possibly be associated with the coordinates. Due to this, it is always best to confirm that the address field has auto-populated correctly.  When this does happen, the user will either need to manually edit the address so that it is correct or they will need to reposition the pin. Typically placing the pin over a structure on the property will yield the best results.

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