On the homepage and most pages within the Fulcrum web app, the main menu bar can be found at the top of the screen. There is the Fulcrum logo and two drop-down menus and a link to our help pages contained in the main menu bar.

From left to right:

  • Fulcrum Logo: Clicking on the Fulcrum logo will take you back to the homepage.
  • Plan Selector: If you are associated with different plans you can change between your different Fulcrum plans by clicking on the name of the plan, the plan selector has the name of the currently active plan, 'Team Fulcrum' in the image above. Additionally, if you want to create a new plan. You can do this through this drop-down menu.
  • Question Mark Icon: Links to our learn homepage where you can find helpful resources such as training material, guides, as well as out developer docs on leveraging the APIs, the calculation field, and data events.
  • Red Gear Icon: Access the currently active plan settings and your user account profile in the settings option. Also, where you can log out of your Fulcrum user account.

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