Setting the Location of a Record

Whenever a record is initially created, Fulcrum will capture your current location as the geotag. If you want to move the point to a different location, you can manually do so by tapping the crosshair icon in the top bar on the record creation/editor view.

This will bring you to a set location page where you can set the record’s new location. You can move the record to your current location by selecting the crosshair icon in the upper right or pan to any location by dragging the map around. Once you have the location set, tap the save button.

Center the crosshairs on a new location and tap save icon when you're done

Additionally, you can manually enter in the location information by tapping on the coordinates at the bottom of the set location screen. Once you have entered in the location information you can tap done and verify the location is correct on the map.

Manually enter in the coordinates

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