When you first sign into Fulcrum, you will be taken to the map view of an app you have access to on your device. You can sync your device at any time by tapping the circular “sync”” button located on the top menu bar. You can change the selected app by tapping on the current loaded app’s name in either the map or list views. If there are records on the map, you can edit them from here by tapping the icon to open up a view of the data fields. Records can be downloaded from the Android app settings page.

Many of the options can be found in the overflow menu, such as: The list/map view toggle button, Search records on Android, Android Record Filter, App Settings for Android.

To zoom into a location on the map, double tap the desired area or move two fingers apart on the screen. You can zoom out by pinching your index finger and thumb on the screen.

Additionally, the map and list view buttons work as a “view toggle.” You can only click the map view button while in the records list view, and vice versa. Generating reports can be done from the record edit screen.

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